Newsflash – black is the new white! The ‘black’ we be talking about is activated charcoal. And it can now be found in most beauty products. Think black toothpaste. Scrubs. And of course, The Aussie Smile Co’s world-first activated charcoal teeth whitening gel (made from organic coconuts).

That’s right. Activated charcoal is a simple and natural way to whiten teeth, by pulling toxins from the mouth and removing stains from your teeth.

Come again? Once the activated charcoal whitening gel is inserted over your teeth (via our custom fitted tooth tray), the active ingredient in the gel starts to break down. Oxygen enters into the enamel and dentine, which in turn breaks down the stain inside the tooth. The structure of the tooth is not changed - it is only the enamel of the tooth that appears whiter.

The best thing? Unlike other whitening methods, activated charcoal has no harmful side effects to your teeth. It’s 100% natural, vegan and has immediate health benefits. Yup, research has shown the use of activated charcoal can be extremely helpful when it comes to changing the pH and health of the mouth, which means it prevents cavities and kills bad bacteria.

Oh and don’t worry – it’s not the same charcoal you get from the BBQ. Activated charcoal is made by heating common charcoal (made from coal) coconut shells, bamboo, and other woods. This increase in temperature expands its surface area and creates small pores.

Hello activated charcoal. And hello whiter teeth!

The Aussie Smile Co is proud to present a world first organic formula – which combines the unique power of 100% natural charcoal of organic coconuts with the clinical grade power of our peroxide FREE solution.